Oct 27, 2013
Janice Peters

Trick-or-Treating safety tips

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – It’s almost time to go Trick-or-Treating and have some good holiday fun and treats.  But it’s also important to stay safe.

22News is working for you with some safety tips to make your Halloween Spooktacular.

Some people have already started dressing up for Halloween parties and candy collecting at early Halloween events. Others are getting ready for Thursday.

But whenever you decide to go out, it’s important to stay safe.  According to the Massachusetts Public Health Blog it starts with costumes.  Children should carry flashlights and their costumes should be light colored or have reflective tape.  To avoid falls, costumes should not have trailing material or tails that drag on the ground.  And if your ghoul or goblin has a pointed prop, such as a sword, they should be made of a soft material. 

Next is what many children look forward to the most, the candy.  Adults should always accompany children under 12, and if you can take them out before dusk.  For older children have them stay in a group and discuss a time when they should be home.  Be careful even when using sidewalks and crosswalks because many children have been struck by cars on Halloween.  Only approach houses that are well-lit and never go inside a strangers home. And before letting your child eat a single treat make sure you check their bags first, it’s especially important for kids with food allergies.  Throw out anything that looks unwrapped or tampered with, and be alert even when your child is eating those treats.

The Amherst public school system has a ban starting tomorrow on peanuts.  So any peanut treats will not be able to be brought to school there. If you are looking for more Halloween Safety Tips, click here.

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